Silver Birchs Rumor Has It

Multiple Grand Champion Junior & Senior Mare, Supreme Halter Champion

2013 AMHA/AMHR Black Mare, 33.5"

Silver Birchs Adriano De Suerte (AMHA) SMO Adriano De Suerte (AMHR)  x  Sundance LB Something To Talk About

Silver Birchs Rumor Has It
Silver Birchs Rumor Has It



Silver Birchs Rumor Has It
Silver Birchs Rumor Has It


Rumor is one of those mares that is spoken of in awed & hushed tones!! Rumor is a special mare that 'has it all'--- everything about her is extreme, dainty and refined. When she trots into the showring, she commands attention and makes every Arabian judges heads turn. She is ultra smooth, with a great topline, super dishy Arabian head, ultra balanced and she will be so fine in a cart one day as a country pleasure driving mare. 


Rumours sire Adriano characteristically stamps his beautiful features on each foal. Rumor is linebred Arenosa which not only makes her a fantastically modern show horse, but a genetic powerhouse. Rumour gets prettier as the years go on.

Rumor has had a filly by Jesse James, a filly by Knight, and now her third foal by Marvel. After her third foal we would like to give her a well deserved break from her role as a mother. I would like to bring her back into the halter ring to grab the last 8 points she needs for her Hall of Fame Halter award and possibly show her as a driving horse (she was ground driving before she was bred). In Summer 2019 we hardshipped Rumor and her fillies into AMHA!!

Show Accomplishments ... 


WCMHC Wild Rose Show;  2 RESERVE GRAND Champion Mare Overall

Manitoba Show; 4 GRAND Champion Mare Overall, 1 RES. GRAND Champion Mare Overall, 1 Judges Choice Supreme


WCMHC Finale; 1 GRAND CHampion Mare Overall, 1 RES. GRAND Champion Overall, 1st & 2nd in Liberty and 2 Judges Choice Supremes

Kasey's filly-408 fin.jpg

Amaretto Jess Girl Talk "Rosita"

2018 sorrel filly sired by McCarthy's Jesse James of Rivenburgh 

bay filly-.jpg

Amaretto Honey, Bless Your Heart "Lady"

2019 bay filly w/ star sired by Cherryville Majik's Dark Knight


Amaretto Makin' Me Blush "Blush"

2020 bay filly sired by Hunterberry Hill Jess Marvelous



Sundance LB Raven

Sundance LB She's A Dream

Silver Birches Adriano De Suerte (AMHA) SMO Adriano De Suerte (AMHR)

Silver Birches Rumor Has It


BBF's Silver Stepper

Sundance LB Magellan