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2018 Foals

My Motto: Show Horses Producing Show Horses.


My foals are the product of well researched crosses. I only breed when I believe a cross will truly produce a foal 100% better than both sire & dam. I breed for form without losing function.. A beautifully put-together horse without losing substance. I breed for a horse that you will love and enjoy for a LIFETIME! We welcome inquiries for foals in utero, we have waiting lists. Baby photos/announcements usually get on Facebook first!


Amaretto's Impress Me Please

AMHA/AMHR Sorrel Pinto Filly "Scarlet"

World Supreme Champion, Rivenburghs Jess Let Me Impress x  Star Valley's Aim to Please

Never in our wildest dreams did we ever picture ourselves owning an Impress filly -- and then, with the addition of Lavish (now Reserve World Champion) followed shortly by Sweet Pea (now Reserve World Champion) we were over the moon. In spring 2018, our good friends the Rowlands from Hunterberry Hill were announcing their dispersal of most of their herd. I have always LOVED Aimee from when I saw her photos, and then when I met her in person over my trips to Oregon, she was always my favourite mare of the Hunterberry Hill program. She had a beautiful bay colt by Impress in 2016 that I adored, but -- since we were showing Marvel that year, we couldn't justify another stallion. That colt (Arrow) ended up showing with Alliance Miniatures & is now living in Australia. 


With my mind on Aimee, The girls reached out to me, and offered us Aimee with an Impress foal in utero. We were so excited at this chance to offer Aimee a retirement home.  Aimee and Impress are an incredible cross from a purely conformation standpoint, if you take the pedigree's away. And when you bring the pedigree in, the resulting foal would be a Jesse James x Arenosa x Joe Dandy cross, which is my all time favourite "Unicorn" cross that is truly only being done in the NorthWest US. Jesse James with his length of leg, neck and tightness of barrel, Arenosa bloodlines for presence, and Joey for the athleticism and head. The resulting foal would be a relative to most of the horses in our program. 

And Scarlet was born!!! Our pretty marked, red pinto filly was born in Oregon. She was cared for and raised by the Rowlands, and we are so grateful for all the work the girls have done with the pair!! Avery gave me the registered name, "Impress Me Please" and her barn name came soon after. We have high hopes for this filly! 

Scarlet's Sire:

Rivenburghs Jess Let Me Impress

AMHA World Supreme Halter Horse 2013 and sire of multiple AMHA World Grand halter horses!

Scarlet's Dam:

Star Valley's Aim to Please

AMHA World Reserve Grand Champion Halter Mare

Aimee is a mare ahead of her time. 

Amaretto's Big Tease

May 30, 2018 AMHA/AMHR Palomino Colt  "Tease"

4x World Champion Hunterberry Hill Jess Marvelous x  Enchanted Acres Cinnamon Girl

Show Horse Plus, Offered for your Consideration!


Tease is such a wonderful colt to have born on our farm!!! His birth was a dystocia in the middle of the night, one of his front legs was caught underneath Fancy's pelvis. With some gentle maneuvering we were able to get him out safe and sound and with minimal bruising on Fancy's behalf. Tease is a perfect name for this big personality colt. He has such a long, incredible neck just like his sire Marvel, legs to burn and a showy personality. He is quirky and charming just like his sire and is maturing so beautifully over this winter. I would love to see him on someones show string for next year, but if he doesn't sell by then we are thrilled to show this colt ourselves!

Tease's Sire:


Hunterberry Hill Jess Marvelous

Our 4X World Champion stallion Marvel has hit it out of the park with his first foal crop, putting his best traits on his foals!

Tease's Dam:


Enchanted Acres Cinnamon Girl

Fancy is a short backed, big hipped pretty mover in a tiny package. She has a great head and a kind temperament and would make a great pairing for Marvel.

Amaretto's Jess Girl Talk

AMHR Liver Chestnut Filly "Rosita"

McCarthy's Jesse James of Rivenburgh (Triple Registered)  x  Silver Birches Rumor Has It

In 2016, Mom and I purchased the ASPC Sweepstakes breeding to Jesse James, the sire of our very own Marvel! This began the international adventure of our mare Rumour to sunny Southern California, to live at Painted H Ranch for the summer to be bred to Jesse. The Jesse x Arenosa cross is an extremely complimentary pairing that I have seen in some of my favourite horses: Impress, Majestic, Jacob and Marki. I was excited to try it within my own program, and Rumour went to Wingate Training Center to be foaled out this spring. I'll never forget we were texted by Casey that our baby had arrived: a red colt!!! Mom and I were stunned -- red? Out of two black horses that have plenty of blacks in their own pedigrees? And a red colt?!! We had been hoping for a black. (LOL!) We were disappointed to say the least.. I remember coming to terms with it and just being grateful for a live healthy foal. Later on, we were texted by Casey (after he had visited the foaling centre personally) that our "colt" was actually a "FILLY!!" We couldn't believe our luck!! 

Rosita trekked from California to Oregon where the pair waited for me to fly down to drive back to Canada with Adelyn, trailer full of minis in tow. I was pleasantly surprised when I got to meet her that she was a dark liver chestnut color with a white coronet band on a back foot (I live for coronet bands and small bits of chrome!). She has her dam's incredible head and fiery personality!!! Santa sends naughty children red mares for Christmas (as they say!)!! Rosita seems like a carbon copy of her dam, in a dark red package, with incredible movement added in (thanks Jesse!). We can't wait to show her next year, and if she is anything like her dam, she will be a handful!                               

Kiss's Sire:


McCarthy's Jesse James of Rivenburgh

Jesse is a stallion that barely needs an introduction-- his get speak for him. Jesse is a 2x World Supreme producer, 6 of his get have earned the titles of World Grand or Reserve Grand Champion. He is a World Champion Get of Sire, as well as a National Reserve Grand Champion stallion himself. He lives in California at Painted H Ranch. It was an honor to send a mare to be bred to him. He is the sire of our "Marvel"!!

Kiss's Dam:


Silver Birches Rumour Has It

If you show on our local show circuit, you will probably know Rumour!! Rumour is our resident black beauty, just a few points short of her Halter Hall of Fame and has shown across Western Canada. Rumour was the perfect cross to Jesse: her amazing head, short back and big hip will compliment him well!

Amaretto's Fool Me Twice

June 2018 AMHA/AMHR Bay Colt "Allegro"

Hunterberry Hill Jess Marvelous x  Buckeroo Fames Heart of an Angel


What an exquisite face on this doll baby!!! We have been so thrilled on the dish and eye on this pretty boy. I wouldn't be able to pick between Marvel's two colts this year, they both have different qualities. This colt has gorgeous natural balance and movement and I see glimpses of his sire's fabulous trot wherever he goes! He has such a beautiful poll to bridle already and a tiny compact little body. This was a fabulous pairing and I can't wait to see how he matures either as a stallion or a gelding in a show home!


Enjoy your sweet new boy!!!

Joker's Sire:

marvel good-.jpg

Hunterberry Hill Jess Marvellous

Our 4X World Champion stallion Marvel has hit it out of the park with his first foal crop, putting his best traits on his foals!

Joker's Dam:


Buckeroo Fames Heart of an Angel

Angel has a very strong shoulder, a strong hip and great length of leg and neck. Her willingness to show and excellent disposition has stood the test of time in our breeding program. 

We believe in the power of good genetics, our show horses producing show horses. 

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