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My Motto: Show Horses Producing Show Horses.


My foals are the product of well researched crosses. I only breed when I believe a cross will truly produce something 100% better than both sire & dam. I breed for form without losing function.. A beautifully put-together horse without losing substance. I breed for a horse that you will love and enjoy for a LIFETIME! We welcome inquiries for foals in utero, we have waiting lists. Baby photos/announcements usually get on Facebook first!


Amaretto Blue Ur A Buzzkill

 2013 AMHA/AMHR Smoky Black Colt

Lucky Four SantaFe Beau Bey  x  Find Ur Destiny Keep Em Guessin

​I am just totally in love with this boy!! He is my first ever foal from Beau. I am so impressed. "Blues" has an awesome showy attitude, nice straight legs, this AWESOME swan like neck and arabian head. Love his back and topline. Blues is super sweet like his dad and mom!

A background story on Blues.. Blues was born on the night of my best friends birthday party. Guess was acting like she was going to foal, but everyone who has ever played the waiting game with mares knows that sometimes they trick ya.. So I dressed up and went to the bar and then I got a text from mom-- "water broke" and by the time I got home he was born!! I probably only spent about 20 minutes at the bar! So I came into the barn in high heels to see my sweet little present!! A couple of girlfriends and I wanted to name him something that reflected how he was born.. we figured he was a "buzzkill"!! I grabbed that name right away, there is a song on the new Pistol Annies album called Blues your a Buzzkill, and I love Pistol Annies. So that is how Blues got his name!!


Amaretto King Creole

 2013 AMHA/AMHR Sorrel Colt

Double Destiny War Emblem  x  Circle J Madonna

​I was super pumped for this foal. Madonna is just an AWESOME mare. I cannot pick out a single flaw from her. Sometimes when I walk up to the pasture, and she perks her head up and looks at me, I just think--- WOW this is such a gorgeous mare!!!! So I was jumping up and down when Cajun hit the ground!!


Cajun was a little shy for a few weeks but now he's wandering a little farther from mom and comes for scratches. I bet he will grow to be about 33" a nice tall leggy driving gelding. Like his neck and head placement for driving, right off the bat. He will bridle well. I think a red horse always look great in a cart. And he has a great name for the show ring. Catchy!! I named him after an Elvis Presley song.. King Creole!

"Theres a man in New Orleans, who plays rock n roll, he's a guitar man with a great big soul, he lays down a beat like a ton of coal, he goes by the name of King Creole"

SOLD! Congratulations to his new owners! 

Amaretto Bossa Nova Baby

 2013 AMHA/AMHR Bay Pinto Filly

Double Destiny War Emblem  x  Circle J Hello Dolly

 This is one of the last foals we will ever have from Double Destinys War Emblem, he has been sold to Ontario. I am very tickled that Dolly gave us one last gift-- a precious little filly. She has an awesome short back and flashy coloring. This one BEGS to be put in a cart some day!!  As Nova grows I am just IN LOVE with her pretty head! She has a very pretty dished face, big eyes, and she MOVES, great action on this little lady. Shes a real stand out in the pasture. I'm an Elvis Presley fan.. :) I was saving this name for a sweet little filly!! "Go Bossa Nova baby keep on dancin', 'cause I ain't got time to think"

SOLD TO A WONDERFUL YOUTH! We love you Sarah! Headed to the show ring with Sarah in 2014!

Amaretto Wish Upon A Bey

 2013 AMHA/AMHR Silver Bay Filly

Lucky Four SantaFe Beau Bey  x  Countrylanes Fairytail Destiny

Jessie was such a wonderful surprise. Her mother was a maiden mare and frankly wasn't showing her pregnancy. I posted a photo of her udder -- it was barely swollen- on facebook one night. Well that night our barn cameras went down and something must have been on the fritz with our foal alert (probably ran out of battery) because we turned it off. We put her out with a friendly mare, thinking that if she does go into labour, the companionship will help her get up and take care of her baby faster. Well wouldn't you know it when Mom went to do chores in the morning, there was afterbirth in the pen, and Fairytale came up for breakfast. OK so where is the baby?! Here she comes, bouncing and bucking along, a sweet little silver bay filly!!! We were wishing for Fairytale to be pregnant so we named her Wish Upon a Bey!!


Jess was special from the start!! And what a beautiful, elegant little thing. She is Double Destiny on her dams side, and Black Velvet on her sires side. What a great blend!! Jessie is going to be a striking silver bay like her mom. She shot up, she is the youngest but the tallest of all the babies, because of those LEGS!!. I love my Beau foals because they have his personality.. very lovable and personable. Jessa Belle is the total package and I am very excited to present her next year on my show string.

SOLD to Morgan!


We believe in the power of good genetics, our show horses producing show horses. 

We bet our money on it.

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