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Celebrating 15 years of beautiful horses!

   The Lunde Family has been established in Alberta for 100 years; with coming 4 generations of farming. Our farm is celebrating our centennial in 2018. We own crop and pasture land as well as operate a  cow/calf operation of around 150 head, which means we are pretty busy year round!!


    Our venture into the miniature horses started with my (Kaycee) love of miniature horses. I was never allowed to have one as a little girl, because we are a rodeo family and had roping horses, but I would look forward to seeing them at fairs and rodeos. Finally at 18, before I left for college I bought my first 3 registered miniature horses in 2009... Much to the disdain of my parents!! But the addiction soon passed to my mom (all I could talk about were the minis!). And mom acquired some of her own. We have been showing minis since 2010 and have under 15 horses. 





     Aside from my miniature horse hobby, I enjoy gardening, raising Australian Shepherds and my cows. I have ran my wedding photography business since 2015, . In 2020 Gord & Judy Lunde will have been married for 30 years.


   My Mom & I are the mother daughter team who are the owners of Amaretto Miniature Show Horses.

Our Practices ...

  • We currently raise under 15 Miniature Horses at a time. 

  • Our horses enjoy light therapy, massage body work and chiropractic as part of our performance strategy.

  • Our foals are given individual attention are exposed to a farm setting and noise: quads, cattle, dogs and cats. Our horses are halter broke at a early age, practically raised in our back yard. The result is a laid back horse that is a pleasure to be around.

  • Our horses are given the ultimate in comfort, a specialized western Canadian brand of grain, the finest alfalfa/grass hay and large turnouts. We do not stall our horses very often. Our horses enjoy grazing year round and large turn outs.

  • When our horses are ready to "go that extra mile" they are sent for training and conditioning with various professional trainers in Canada or the United States, or stay here with us to show locally and are trained by myself.


Our Barn and Driving Arena's

​    The Lunde Barn was built in 1926. It was originally home to my great grandpa's 28 Clydesdale horses. If you look in the rafters, you can still see the horses' names in white paint. In time, the horses were sold and tractors were bought, and the Lunde Barn became a seasonal barn mostly directed at calving use.
     The barn has a large loft, usually stacked full of alfalfa square bales. There is a rope in the loft that has provided enless hours of fun for my brother & I as kids. The west end of the barn was a dairy parlour back in it's day.

So, in Summer of 2011, we are very excited to announce the transformation of the Lunde Barn!
NOW... The west end of the barn has been made into a gorgeous miniature horse heaven! We built 3 large 10' x10' foaling stalls, each with barn cameras linked to the house. We built 3 6' x 10' stalls for show horses. Our barn has a 15' aisle with many tie-bars.
     Our barn has many adjoining corrals, each complete with a mini-size shelter. Most of our miniature pastures or corrals are outfitted with wood fencing or specialized galvanized wire fencing. We have a round pen for exercise and of course a whole farm for driving around on.

OUTDOOR DRIVING ARENA... We have seeded our 2 acre  "south pen" to grass. It surrounds the barn, and what used to be a dry lot is now a lush green pasture for grassy turnouts for mares & foals and show horses. We have an additional 40 x 100ft pasture dedicated for our outdoor driving arena, where most of our training takes place.

Screen Shot 2021-12-18 at 2.20.59 PM.png

Our Reproduction Expertise ...

        I have dedicated most of my life to breeding high quality animals. I enjoy and am constantly expanding my knowledge base of conformation analysis, phenotype/genotype mapping, breeding & foal management, out-crossing & line-breeding, animal health and reproductive techniques. I have experience in breeding with Artificial Insemination with horses, dogs and cattle.

           Breeding miniature horses is not to be taken lightly, as our breed experiences a higher rate of dystocia than their taller cousins. Our mentors (fellow breeders of miniature horses) spent a great deal of time with us sharing their knowledge and setting us up for success in the early days. Our barn is equipped with video monitoring and Foal Alert systems for foaling so every birth can be attended. You can download our Printables from our website regarding breeding management and foaling. 

     Our preferred veterinary service, Wise Equine (Carstairs, AB) also has a Breeding Center and dedicated specialist staff.  Through our friends at the clinic we have become the first AMHA/AMHR breeder in Canada to offer Artificial Insemination by our stallion. There is a dedicated miniature sized breeding phantom at the clinic.


We are happy to be able to provide collections to Canada and the United States via: 

  • Fresh Cooled Semen 

  • Frozen


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