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My Motto: Show Horses Producing Show Horses.


My foals are the product of well researched crosses. I only breed when I believe a cross will truly produce something 100% better than both sire & dam. I breed for form without losing function.. A beautifully put-together horse without losing substance. I breed for a horse that you will love and enjoy for a LIFETIME! We welcome inquiries for foals in utero, we have waiting lists. Baby photos/announcements usually get on Facebook first!


Amaretto Shameless Flirt

2015 AMHA/AMHR Bay Filly ~ 33% Arenosa

Rivenburghs Tuck & Roll  x  Find Your Destiny Keep Em Guessing


WCMHC Futurity Nominated.

We are committed to excellence. Show, have fun, and earn some cash!! 

​Guess played hard to get with this baby! She was testing 6.4 milk ph & then 6.0 milk ph for days.. She was bagged up, oozing colostrom and the baby had dropped. We spent many nights tossing and turning, waiting for baby! Finally, baby came (shooting out!!) and she was here. I love a good bay especially in a mare, I think it's such a rich color thats easy to show. If she picks up on her dam's coloring, she should be a striking blood bay with a black heart shaped nose.


Flirt is a perfect name for this little one. I've never had a foal born with such tippy ears like this little miss. Her dam is a moving machine and her sire's pedigree is loaded with notable driving horses. I will add more info as she unfolds but I think this filly is a homerun! She is 33% Arenosa bred through her sire. Click here to read more about the Arenosa bloodline. I am super excited to dip my fingers into the Arenosa bred horses , a winning bloodline that has stood the test of time.

Jamie's Sire:

Rivenburghs Tuck & Roll

Jamie's Dam:

Find Ur Destiny Keep Em Guessing

Flirt's Grandsire and Great Grandsire

Aloha Henery 143 (Bay Pinto) 3x AMHA World Champion, now resides in Australia and Flyin W Farms Blue Boys Magic Man (Black Pinto).


A beautifil historic image by Liz McMillan 

Amaretto  I  Only  Date  Models

2015 AMHA/AMHR Bay Minimal Pinto Colt ~ 33% Arenosa

Rivenburghs Tuck & Roll  x  Buckeroo Fames Heart Of An Angel


WCMHC Futurity Nominated.

We are committed to excellence. Show, have fun, and earn some cash!! 

Here is Mom's foal of the year out of her Canadian Allstar mare and we lucked out with an awesome little colt. I always expect colts to have more flair than fillies because of their nature but this one really catches the eye. He sits right up on those shoulders and peers around with his head like a swan! He is such a little weenie!! Very small and doll like. He has a nice long canon bone so I suspect he will be small as a yearling then shoot up as he turns into a 2 year old. He has a spectacular little face, nice ears, a sweet little body. I hold this colt in high regard. 


Presley's Sire:

Rivenburghs Tuck & Roll

Presley's Grandsire:

Bristol Pepito 100% Arenosa

Presleys 's Dam:

Buckeroo Fames Heart Of An Angel

2013 Canadian All Star Halter Winner

Presley's Great Grandsire:

Boones Little Buckeroo - Presely is triple bred Buckeroo through his dams side.

Amaretto  Shut Up & Kiss Me

2015 AMHA/AMHR Black Pinto Filly ~ 33% Arenosa

Rivenburghs Tuck & Roll  x  Buck On's Danergous Curves


WCMHC Futurity Nominated.

We are committed to excellence. Show, have fun, and earn some cash!! 

​I am so relieved to have this filly on the ground. Danger is "getting up there" in her years (17 this year) and she only has a few foals left to give, so we have been picking the stallions she is bred to very carefully! The BOB X Tucker match has been a WIN. This filly isn't striking me as a halter filly yet but damn will she move in harness. And she is beautifully marked with 4 socks and a black and white tail. She will sparkle in a cart. And it looks like she has inherited Dangers spirit, whether that is a good thing or not, time will tell!!!! Thank you Danger!!!!


Kiss's Sire:

Rivenburghs Tuck & Roll

Kiss's Grandsire:

Bristol Pepito 100% Arenosa

Kiss's Dam:

Buck On's Dangerous Curves

National Champion Model Mare, 5x Res. National Champion & National Top Ten Driving Mare

Kiss's Great Grandsire:

Grosshill Dandy's Special Edition

AMHA Res. World Champion Single Pleasure Driving Stallion

Amaretto  Happily Ever After

2015 AMHA/AMHR Buckskin Filly

Lucky Four SantaFe Beau Bey  x  Countrylanes Fairytale Destiny


WCMHC Futurity Nominated.

We are committed to excellence. Show, have fun, and earn some cash!! 

SOLD ! Congratulations to TAYLOR HOWE on your purchase of "Eva". You will enjoy a lot of success with this filly!

​What an adorable little buckskin Filly by Beau. Ava's full sister, Amaretto Wish Upon a Bey was a beautiful silver bay show mare now living in Northern Alberta. Ava has her daddies personality 100% -- she won't leave you alone. 

Amaretto  Vixen With Values

2015 AMHA/AMHR Smokey Black Filly

Champion Farms Sirs Signature  x  Little Kings Buckeroo Bling


This Filly is SO incredible, my best filly born on the farm yet. I can't wait to show her next year with those big poppy eyes. I love what Bling has given me --- what an excellent broodmare !! We lost Bling in the early winter of 2016, and we are so grateful that she left us with this awesome filly to remember her by.

We believe in the power of good genetics, our show horses producing show horses. 

We bet our money on it.

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