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Kaycee & Judy Lunde

280050 twp 272
Airdrie, Alberta   T4A 2S4​

Tel: 403-948-7080​


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"What Can I say - Judy and Kaycee are AMAZING to deal with! Accommodate your needs, and friendly as ever! Highly recommended! - oh, and the horses are worth it!!"   Kayla Brennan, Windswept Miniatures


"The Lundes were great to work with when purchasing my Alvadars Double Destiny daughter from them." 

RoseMarie Poynter-Jubb, Showtyme Miniatures, Stirling AB


"I scroll through hundreds of pictures of miniature horses for sale every day and rarely does one catch my eye. One day I came across a very well made video of a beautiful palomino pinto mare in her natural state and knew I needed to find out more about her. One phone call to Kaycee and I knew I would be buying this mare. Kaycee not only took an hour of her valuable time to speak with me, but was completely honest in answering any of my questions, and both Kaycee and Judy went the extra mile to ensure I would be satisfied buying this mare sight unseen. All of the payments and paperwork were done with ease by the professional team at Amaretto Miniature Horses. The mare arrived healthy and exactly what I expected. I now have a gorgeous mare, her equally gorgeous colt, and new friends at Amaretto and couldn’t be happier!"  

Sharon Hebert, Trails Edge Miniature Horses, Lac La Biche, AB


"Amaretto Miniatures is a wonderful place and business. All the miniature horses are friendly, active and adorable (even in the bitter cold)! Kaycee is super nice and you can tell she has a connection with those minis. I love how she is starting to get kids to show miniatures. I got my mare Star Fire Buckeroos Legacy there in March and she is amazing. I would recommend Amaretto Miniatures to anyone looking for a furry friend."  Katie Bohlken Age 11


"As a newbie to miniatures & horses in general, I honestly believe I could not have picked a better breeder to purchase my first horses from. Kaycee & Judy Lunde were 100% amazing to deal with from the very beginning, and continue to offer support and friendship a year after purchase (and I'm sure it will continue for life!). The horses I purchased are healthy, happy and in excellent condition. I couldn't be happier with my Amaretto Miniature Horses experience and highly recommend them to everyone!"  Kiley & Dani Phillips


Wingate Training Center World Champions by Casey Campbell, California



Kaycee Ann Photography (me)

Amie Anderson Photography



Energy Equine, Chad Hewlitt, Carstairs AB (sports medicine)

Moores Equine, Balzac AB

BluEquine (Osteopath)



Giddy Up Western Wear and Feed - we buy our feed from Connie, we love her and her patience for my feed program.

Lifeline Brand Feed (diets specialized for horses in Western Canada)

BioEquine Probiotic Supplement

Nag Bag Slow Feeder Hay Nets - We have used the round bale nets for years with terrific success.



Mini Horse Feathers - The BEST neck sweats in the industry. Super moisture wicking technology. Yoga wear for horses. They make beautiful slinkies with outstanding comfort features.. The ladies there provide the best customer service and DO NOT forget a customer-- they see me in Texas every year and know I want everything in pink!

Myler Bits from Estate Horse Tack. We love upgrading our driving horses to a good Myler when we are ready to do advanced driving. We've seen these bits work magic.

Carriage House Miniature Horse Tack and Harness - Louellen sells the finest harnesses in the industry. Spend the extra money for Louellen's quality & comfort and know you've made the best investment for your horse. We also love her showtime halters and she carries Myler bits.  For driving, I use a 48” Dynaflex and it is absolutely incredible! It has excellent weight and is very professional looking. Plus I’ve been using the same whip for years, Louellen sells these whips. Based out of B.C., Canada. 












Show Carts by Jerald Sulky Company -The Cadillac of carts. Jeralds retain their value if they are taken care of! You wouldn’t have problems reselling a Jerald.


HORSE TRANSPORT is fabulous. Just enter in your postal code, and the postal code/ZIP of the horse you need to move and they will send it to all of the certified transporters in their system to see if you can fit in on one of their trips. Most cost effective way we have found to move your horse (because we have transporters bidding for our business).

* It's important to remember that CHEAP transport isn't the BEST transport. In the transport world you get what you pay for. 


North Peace Equine Transport - We have had great experiences with James & Kristin. or 780-518-3423. 


Elliot Equine Transport - We trust the crew at Elliot transport with many of our long hauls. They have done many trips back and forth to Texas for us. Regular hauls to the states. 


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