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Hunterberry  Hill  Jess Marvelous ROM

4x AMHA World Champion Country Pleasure Driving

1x AMHA Reserve World Champion Country Pleasure Driving

Multiple World Top 3, Top 5 & Top 10 in Versatility, Halter & Roadster Driving

3x AMHA Honour Roll Buckle Earner

AMHA Register of Merit for Country Pleasure Driving

2012 AMHA/AMHR Buckskin Stallion, 34" "Marvel"

McCarthys Jesses James Of Rivenburgh  x  Oak Bay Stormy River Edition

Marvel is a dream come true for Mom & I. When I started looking for a new herd stallion in 2013, I sat down at the table and made a NEEDS and WANTS (or "would be nice, if") list. I needed a horse that was built to drive. He needed to be country or single pleasure, and something that would win at the World level. I wanted a horse that would complement my select group of mares, and take my breeding program to the next phase. Color (buckskin) and personality were a frivolous bonus. I never thought I would be able to check off ALL of the items on my needs & wants list!! 


I'll never forget the first time I saw Marvel. I was at the World show in Texas with friends and we were about to go for supper. At the Will Rogers arena in Fort Worth, there is a bridge leading to the parking lot and horses enter the arena under this bridge. I remember crossing the bridge with my stomach rumbling when I just happened to look to my left and see Adelyn Rowland from Hunterberry Hill round the corner driving this gorgeous buckskin. My first impression was--- WHAT a freaky headset.. WHAT a tight barrel.. LOOK at the legs on this elegant horse who looked like a park Arabian in miniature.. I suppose I was a little stunned because when I "came to" I was leaning over the railing of the bridge trying to take in this gorgeous horse. I followed him to the warm up arena and fell in love. I remember texting Mom, "He's the one."


I see so much in Marvel. Not only is he a next level driving horse with natural talent, but he has something to offer for every mare. A neck a mile long, an extreme shoulder, short back, long hip, refinement and legs for days. He has an ultimate, utlra modern Mini/Shetland blend pedigree that you will see in most of the top farms in the industry. Marvel is admired by many in the industry and we thank you all for believing in him! 

As a breeding stallion Marvel has been carefully paired with some of our favourite show mares with fabulous results. 

marvel good-.jpg
Breeding Information

2024 Breeding Fee
To Approved, Show Titled Mares Only
Includes: Live Foal Garuntee, Ultrasound additional. 
Mare care is not included.
A.I. Fresh Cooled & Frozen Semen available

McCarthys Jesse James Of Rivenburgh


Michigans Silver Desperato (HOF)

Oneka's Midnight Delight

Hunterberry Hill Jess Marvelous

Grosshill Dandys Special Edition


Stormy River Flash Promise


Thank you Marvel for making our dreams come true!

One of our lifetime goals was earning an AMHA Honor Roll Trophy Buckle. We have been blessed to have been consistently scoring high in driving classes, with limited showing, earning Marvel 3 (3!!) buckles. 

3X AMHA Buckle Earner:

Presented by Casey Campbell & Wingate Training Center

2016 AMHA Honor Roll Champion Country Pleasure Driving 32-34"

2016 AMHA Honor Roll Champion 4 Year Old Country Pleasure Driving

Presented by Adelyn Rowland & Hunterberry Hill

2018 AMHA Honor Roll Ladies Country Pleasure Driving

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