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2019 Foals

My Motto: Show Horses Producing Show Horses.


My foals are the product of well researched crosses. I only breed when I believe a cross will truly produce a foal 100% better than both sire & dam. I breed for form without losing function.. A beautifully put-together horse without losing substance. I breed for a horse that you will love and enjoy for a LIFETIME! We welcome inquiries for foals in utero, we have waiting lists. Baby photos/announcements usually get on Facebook first!


Amaretto's Honey, Bless Your Heart

AMHA/AMHR Bay Filly w/ star & snip & blue marbling in 1 eye "Lady"

Cherryville's Majics Dark Knight 34" Bay AMHA/AMHR  x  Silver Birches Rumour Has It 33.5" Black AMHA/AMHR


This filly was a total thrill!! I asked the universe for a black or bay colt or filly with a star and Lady was born!! Her birth was quite exciting in the barn. I was in the stall with Rumour when she was being born and tore the sac off of her face. "Oh my gosh mom a star! Oh my gosh a FILLY!".  

We love our mare Rumour and she had a great show history with us. She is flashy and loaded with presence unlike any horse I've ever known. If we have ever owned a horse that could win based off her showstopping energy and stunning head, she would be it! One of our favourite things about Rumour is her big star, and the blue marbling in her eyes that make them pop. Lady has a smaller star, and the same crescent shaped blue marbling in the same eye as her dam's!!!  Lady has a tiny little snip, just like her sire. 

Knight is a young stallion having proved himself in both the halter ring as a AMHR National Grand Champion Stallion Under 34" and in the driving ring, as an AMHR National Grand Champion Stakes Driving horse and is now retiring to breeding.  His first foals arrived in 2018 and turned many heads, including ours, and when Marcy & Casey offered us the breeding we were excited for us to have the first "Knight" baby in Canada. 

I wanted Knight to improve the front end on this cross, and was hoping Rumour would bring her pretty head- and she sure did! I am thrilled!

The most notable features on Lady would be her beautiful body, long neck, and sculpted face and ears. She is all legs, and her cannon measurement indicated she will grow to 34" tall. She is our only foal this year and we are so excited to have such a nice yearling filly to premiere in 2020!

Lady's Sire:


Cherryville Majic's Dark Knight 

AMHR National Grand Champion Stallion Under 2016, AMHR National Grand Champion Stakes Driving 2016

Lady's Dam:

bay filly-1759.jpg

Silver Birches Rumour Has It

Rumour is our retired show mare, just a few points shy of her AMHR Hall of Fame.

We believe in the power of good genetics, our show horses producing show horses. 

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