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Show Horses Producing Show Horses.

     My foals are the product of well researched crosses. I only breed when I believe a cross will truly produce something 100% better than both sire & dam. I breed for form without losing function.. A beautifully put-together horse without losing substance. I breed for a horse that you will love and enjoy for a LIFETIME! We prefer show homes for our foals, and have helped introduce many farms into showing miniature horses, if its something you've never done before! We welcome inquiries for foals in utero, we have waiting lists. Baby photos/announcements usually get on Facebook first!



Our Expected 2023 Foals

We are so excited to be expecting our best foal crop ever in 2023!

     We have selected our finest show mares to cross on our new stallion Spaz and are eagerly welcoming our new generation of miniature show horses into the world. Many of these crosses we have dreamed about since our mares were just born, and are now coming to fruition. We have curated and collected the best of the best.    

     We encourage inquires from fellow breeders, as we will have foals to sell that will be invaluable assets to a breeding program. I am most anticipating these foals show ring success, following in their parents footsteps. We can't wait to have more winning Amaretto horses out in the world.

                                                                                      - Kaycee & Judy


spaz lady copy.jpg
spaz llavish copy.jpg
spaz sangria copy.jpg
spaz scarlett copy.jpg
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