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2015 World Grand Champion Junior Stallion

Hunterberry  Hill  Simply Impressive

AMHA World Reserve Grand Champion Amateur Jr Stallion

AMHA World Reserve Grand Champion Futurity

3x World Champion Junior Halter Stallion

2014 AMHA/AMHR Dark Bay Stallion w/ Star & 2 Hind Socks,  33.5" "Spaz"

Rivenburghs Jess Let Me Impress  x  Reeces Undisputed Giovanni

Negative LWO

Mom and I are overjoyed to add this iconic Impress son to our Farm. Spaz has the most heartstoppingly beautiful Arabian face I have seen in the miniatures, just like his sire Impress. His eyes are huge, widely set and taper down to the tiniest teacup muzzle you could possibly imagine. He is ultra refined and fine boned, with perfect modern body proportions that are so hard to find in the miniature horses. He has a long, thin elegant hooky neck with a tight throat latch. 

Spaz's fabulous conformation lends itself to his gorgeous movement. It's a delight to watch him trot around the pasture on his long, dancers legs. Our hearts skip a beat! Spaz's spirit is joyful and kindhearted, which makes him a pleasure to be around. Spaz is always eager for a hug & a kiss & a crab apple treat.  

Spaz has been bred to our fine mares and produced exactly the quality I envisioned. Please inquire on our foal crops to secure a "Spaz" baby of your own!

Spaz announcement.jpg
Screen Shot 2021-07-01 at 7.50.21 PM.png
Breeding Information
Spaz stands to outside mares by Invitation Only. Thank you for your interest. We are eagerly expecting foals in 2024 & beyond as we plan to offer more foals in the future. 
Email us for more information or to arrange a viewing.

Rivenburghs Jess Let Me Impress 33.5"


Rivenburghs Dulcinea 34"

McCarthys Jesse James Of Rivenburgh 34"

Hunterberry Hill Simply Impressive

Grosshill EK Undisputed Creation 33.75"


Reeces Sophia 33"


Rivenburghs Jess Let Me Impress
AMHA World SUPREME Champion


Reeces Undisputed Giovanni
AMHA World Champion & World Reserve Champion Halter Mare

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