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  • Kaycee Lunde

My Show Day Essentials

When it comes down to show day, I like to keep everything as organized and straight forward as I can. In my earlier show days, you could see me toting around a giant chest of horse products: sprays, detanglers.. mousse.. hair sprays.. a million different brushes and magic potions. Packing for shows was an ordeal and I always forgot something "super important" which lead to a meltdown on my behalf on show day.

Over the years I have tried and tested many products and found the ones that work (for me). My show day essentials all fit in a mini hot pink horse pail, and when I use one of the tools, it is put back immediately. The show halter also goes into the pail, and when I switch the horse out of its barn halter and into its show halter, the barn halter goes into the pail. I buy all of my "essentials" in bulk when they go on sale and they are all I use to achieve my show look.

P.S. don't pull a Kaycee and forget to pack horse cookies TO EVERY SHOW!!!

1.) Baby wipes. Great for wiping oil off your hands before the class and wiping off your horses face when you are done.

2.) Ultra hoof polish enhancer. I like to spray this on before my class, on top of a good coat of hoof black. Make sure you let it dry for full effect.

3.) World Champion Pepi Coat Conditioner. MY ABSOLUTE favourite, most recommended product. Puts a gorgeous shine on the coat and also smells like cotton candy. I achieve the shine on my horses coat naturally through optimum nutrition, but this puts a really glowy sheen onto them.

4.) Supershine Black hoof polish. -DOES NOT GO IN MY SHOWRING PAIL- In general I paint all of my horses hooves black the night before they show. If I have a horse that is a pinto with white hooves, I will lightly sand the hoof down to get off any stained dirt. Usually I would leave it plain or you could put a coat of clear polish ontop. Make sure you store your opened hoof black in a ziploc bag because they have a strong tendency to explode.

5.) World Champion Shine On Dark OR Ultra Clear Highlighter. The clear is a safe bet for all horses, but if you are showing a black or buckskin (with black skin) the Shine on Dark adds a lot of pop to their makeup-- but be warned, it does get on your clothes (and leaves a dark smear). Luckily it doesn't stain and your drycleaner will be able to get the Shine on Dark out of your clothes easily. I also use the clear highlighter for smoothing down manes. Hey-- I love multitasking products!

6.) Lots of horse cookies!

Other products I love

Oster Brush set. Comes in a nice carrying bag that you can hang up in your stall. Make it your go-to for show day prep!

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