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  • Kaycee Lunde

Your Show Packing Checklist

Are you ready for your first show? Packing for your very first show can be a very daunting thought. I've compiled a list that can help get you started!!

Rest assured, there will always be something you forget, and if you're me, it'll be your pajamas, and you'll have to make a 9pm run to Walmart to buy pajamas... Every year...

Here is a basic show pack list!

Your Horse Tack & Grooming List

  • Show halter (performance and halter, cleaned)

  • Show harness (clean)

  • Show cart (clean for heavens sakes)

  • Baby oil gel (oil up manes)

  • Horse shampoo & conditioner (Mane & tail)

  • Whitening shampoo for white horses

  • Baby shampoo (for washing their faces!)

  • Large fluffy sponge for washing faces with baby shampoo

  • Spiral hose (no tangles, packs well)

  • Hose nozzle with Jet and Shower settings

  • Water proof pants for washing horses

  • Towel(s) and blanket that horse when he's done his bath (for heavens sakes!!!)

  • Blanket for each horse

  • Cooler

  • Slinkie for each horse

  • Nice clean halters in farm colors for each horse

  • Farm color pails for water and grain

  • Hoof polish sealed in a ziplock bag, actually, sealed in 3 layers of ziplocs, because they explode.. ( take it from one who knows)

  • Ultra enhancer hoof top coat

  • Baby wipes x 2, one for the tack stall one for your ringside bucket

  • Clean bucket in farm colors that will be your 'ring side' supply bucket

  • Hoof pick

  • Sand Paper for smoothing hooves

  • Sharpie marker

  • Rug or puzzle mat for painting hooves & letting them stand until dry

  • Clipper

  • Clipper blades

  • Clipper coolant spray

  • Battery charged clipper

  • Brush (soft)

  • Comb for manes

  • Show peppi

  • Shine for shining razored areas

  • Extreme hold hairspray

  • IF YOU'RE RAZORING FACES: pack of bic razors, shaving cream, pail, washcloth, kettle for heating up water.

  • Alfalfa square bale

  • Bucket hangers

  • Pre-packed ziploc baggies of horse feed (individual per horse per feeding, it's awesome we swear)

  • Horse treats that will fit in your pocket for halter

  • Your show outfits (clean) in a bag ! And boots

  • Wipe board for writing out the classes that you're in to keep on the wall on your stall

  • Makeup & hair tools because let's face it, you're fabulous

  • Cowboy magic green spot remover

Your Tack Stall & Creature Comfort List

  • Extension Cord

  • Cooler/fridge

  • 10 x 10 curtains for setting up your stalls: you will have to do research on how big your tack / lounge stall will be and don't forget you'll want a change room in your tack stall too. Jysk is the best place and the most reasonable.

  • Zip ties

  • First aid kit

  • Mirror

  • Fans for cooling down horses

  • Tack rack x 2 (so useful, the more the better)

  • Wheel barrel

  • Mini poop fork

  • Lint roller

  • Padlock and chain for locking tack room

  • AMHA / AMHR Membership card photocopies

  • Fold up table

  • Duct tape

  • Safety pins

  • Show number clips

  • Marketing materials (magnets, stickers, postcards, business cards)

  • Foldy chairs / table for display

For Heavens Sakes Don't Forget Your

  • Pajamas

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