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Growing a Long, Gorgeous Tail

A long gorgeous tail is something that is held in high regard in the horse world. A long tail takes months, even years to grow, and is fairly high maintenance, but WOW. A long tail that touches the ground is just breath taking and so worth the extra effort!! Grow a long tail on your horses and enjoy the crowd oh & awe over your horse. After show season (August) is a great time to start braiding your horses tail.


1) Human hair ties. I like Ouchless brand because they are gentle.

2) A gentle horse tail brush. I LOVE the TailTamer horse hair brush with squiggly bristles. I have one for my own hair, too.

3) A leave in conditioner product. I just use the product that I buy for myself that I don't end up using. Lately I've been using Redken Anti-snap.


1. Brush out your horses tail. Start at the bottom and work your way up to the tail head to be the gentlest on the tail.

2. Squirt in your chosen leave in conditioner, liberally.

3. Feel for the bottom of the tail bone. You don't want to braid your horses tailbone into the braid (I imagine it'd be painful). Start braiding a nice tight braid until you have about 4 inches of unbraided tail left. Tie nice and tight with your hair elastic.

4. Rebraid weekly or when necessary. Sometimes I won't get around to it and a few weeks will go by, and I notice no negative effects.


On a side note, A regular, weekly bath is the best way to get a gorgeous coat on your horse. It removes skin-drying sand and dirt, salts from sweat which can be irritating, and a good massage while you are bathing only does good things for skin!! In fact, the horses in Cirque de Soleil Cavalia are bathed daily, with nothing but a pressure hose and water.

In Canada, it usually isn't warm enough for us to bathe our horses outside until May. It is super important for us as farm managers to make sure we are checking our horses skin (along the mane, at the tail head, and in their armpits) to check for irritation or dry itchy skin. With these long winter coats, its easy for a fungus to take hold or lice to wreck havoc. If your horse does have a problem area that he has been rubbing and scratching, it's important that you get the area washed nice and clean with a antibacterial shampoo or apple cider vinegar. We dont have warm indoor washing facilities so we would have to take the horses up to the neighbors indoor arena.

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