• Kaycee Lunde

Estimating Foal Height

Updated: May 14

We use both these methods to get a estimate height on our foals. We like to do both methods to get an idea of what to expect at maturity. These two methods have been mostly accurate for us, even with most of our foals being shetland/mini blends!

Method 1

Measuring a foals pastern & canon bone in his first few days of life can give you a good insight on how tall he will end up. We use this formula with our foals and we expect it to be accurate, plus or minus half an inch!


Measure pastern & canon bone from top of hoof (coronet) to center of knee.


Multiply that measurement by 4.


Add 2 inches.

Method 2

STEP 1. Measure the foals height at 1 day of age at the last mane hair.

STEP 2. Add 12".


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